Word Tips I (Keyboard Shortcuts)

Word Tips I

Today, I’m posting my first Microsoft Word screencast, which you can view here: Word Tips I (Keyboard Shortcuts). It demonstrates the following three handy keyboard shortcuts: the uppercase/lowercase toggler;* the display non-printing characters shortcut; and the paragraph-formatting resetter.

Some of you will already be familiar with these, but, if you’re not, you’re not alone. Word likes to keep some of its tricks up its sleeve, and, as they say in gameshow land, ‘It’s only easy if you know the answer.’

In future screencasts, I’m planning on upping the complexity a little. The next one, for instance, will be on how to assign your own keyboard shortcut to Word’s ‘Advanced Find’ function, and coming up after that is how to add the ‘Close All’ command to your Quick Access Toolbar (at the top of the screen) and a tracked-changes indicator to your status bar (at the bottom of the screen).

*A toggler, by the way, is a command that cycles you through two or more options in a preordained sequence.

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